Consulting & Advisory
We are a technical advisory body with excellent technical data and qualified/professional
certified manpower. Asia HSE Consulting would like to consult the pleasant, comfortable
and safe culture of client workplace.

The integration of a comprehensive Occupational Safety & Health Management system with client business
minimizes operational risk and promotes a healthy and safe work environment for client employees.
Asia HSE Consulting provides safety-consulting services integrated with safety and training services or as an
independent safety consulting service. Asia HSE Consulting will take care of client workplace safety management.

Asia HSE Consulting analyzes cases of accidents so that organizations can utilize the case
analysis for technical support and training at workplaces. Investigated cases will be offered
as materials which would incorporate causes of major accidents and property damages,
environmental incidents, preventive measures, related laws, etc.
  • Implement safety inspection consultation
  • Systematic and professional occupational safety and health system within construction field.
  • Performing various safety inspections through competent personnel such as periodic inspections
  • Finding hazard & risk factor and risk reduction introduction
  • Support required legal document
  • Supporting safety technical data and promoting implementation system (HSE Culture Improvement)
  • Construction site safety management service
  • Construction site safety / JSA
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Inspection
  • Construction hazard prevention
  • Construction industry risk assessment consulting service
  • Workplaces Audit
  • Accident investigation formal root cause analysis
  • Manufacturing safety service
  • Construction Heavy equipment inspection
  • Resident safety supervision consulting
  • Design safety review
  • Support compliance or argument.
This work is subject to the workplaces but not limited to as below.
  • Refinery / Petrochemical / Oil & Gas Plant
  • Power plant
  • Cement Plant
  • Desalination Plant
  • Off Shores Plant
  • Civil Works -Subway, Bridge, Tunnels
  • Building
  • Shipyard / Shipbuilding
  • Manufacturing factory